44 Year Old Mom Who Double Dates With Her Daughter Keeps Getting Deleted from Dating Site Because They Think She's a Catfishing Scam

Source -  A 'hot mother' who looks identical to her 21-year-old daughter has revealed all about her romantic life – including going on double dates with her child and constantly having her dating profile deleted.

Joleen Diaz, 44, from California ... gets younger men sliding into her DMs on a regular basis.

However, dating isn't as straightforward as it seems for the internet appointed 'hot mother' – as she claims people keep reporting her Hinge profile because they think she's a catfish.

Originally from Guam, the high school teacher and mother-of-one moved to California when she was ten and has been single since splitting from daughter, Meilani's, father 14 years ago.

'I'm actually on Hinge but I've had my account deleted several times,' Joleen told Jam Press.

'It's funny, I think people think I'm a fake account and report me. ...

'I think my social media doesn't present the simple, down-to-earth person I am. ...

'When younger men ask me out on dates, I find it equally as flattering as men my age or older asking me out. ...

'I think some younger men tend to fantasise a bit more about what it would be like dating someone older, where men my age or older are more pragmatic and looking for someone to enjoy simple things in life.'

As a parent, I have a lot of empathy for Joleen Diaz. And I hope you do too.

It's not easy raising a child. Even being the parent of young adults, as she is and I am. They are still your kids. Your responsibility. They need your support in some capacity for their entire lives. Whether that's helping to put them through college. Offering them life advice. Or career guidance. Just being for them emotionally. Or going on double dates. 

It's even harder for single parents. I have friends who are divorced and getting back on the dating scene is extra tough for them. Anyone who comes into your life has to do so understanding that your child must come first. That they will have to be involved as a sort of surrogate parent to some extent, to someone who is not, in fact, their child. That you and your child are a package deal. Whether that's simply brushing your teeth, going out for the night, travelling, staying in or simply relaxing on the beach:

You and your child are inseparable. That's especially true this time of year:

And for that reason, I sympathize with Joleen. And do not envy her. It has to be especially hard to meet someone when you're so attractive that they think you're nothing more than a scam. A fake profile set up for the sole purpose of stealing the identity information of lonely men on the internet. When what you really are is a simple, down-to-earth person looking for someone to enjoy the simpler things in life. 

I'll admit that every married person at some point or another wonders what it would like to be back out there, free from commitment and able to see anyone you want. No matter how happy your marriage is, that curiosity is there. So you often find yourself living vicariously through your single friends with their stories of wild weekends and random hookups. But if you've got a good, stable home life, then reality should set in and you realize being unattached is not all sunshine and rainbows. It's getting strangers half your age sliding into your DMs because they fantasize about being with someone older. And who wants that? 

Like I said, I'm also a parent of adult kids. And someone who is so incredibly good-looking they get mistaken for their own childrens' sibling instead of their parent. So I for one am grateful I'm not out there, double dating with my sons and getting my Hinge account suspended for being so improbably sexy. 

I hope Ms. Diaz finds Mr. Right. And also, that she finally got back in the classroom where she belongs. Godspeed, Joleen. And best of luck with that Hinge account.