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The University of Florida Wants You to Pay Them $350 for the Privilege of Setting Up Their Locker Room

If you're looking for the worst Christmas gift of all-time, I have the deal of a lifetime for you. For the very reasonable price of $350, the right to spend a day working a second job can be yours.

The University of Florida is offering this incredible experience to anyone eager enough to shell out a few hundred bucks to do some extra work this holiday season. You will earn the opportunity to do things such as "load up the equipment truck with shoes" and "help the equipment staff set up the locker room." Just what every kid in Gainesville is asking for this Christmas.

Don't worry about not being able to give UF enough of your money, though. If you were concerned such a steal of a package included a ticket or two to the game you helped set up for, it thankfully does not. I'm all for getting a good deal, but that would simply be too much.

Meanwhile, it's $100 to get to play on the court after a game, which is actually pretty cool and not a horrible deal for a big Florida fan.

So something that's fun is $100, but doing several hours of work is $350. Got it.

Wait, scratch that. I did some more clicking around on that website and if you want to help set up the locker room for a game that happens to take place on a Saturday, it's actually going to cost you $500! Where do these people get off?!

I'm generally against taxation in all forms, but anyone who buys this needs to have more of their money forcibly taken by the government.