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This Lioness Hugging Her Human Best Friend Is So Damn Cute & Terrifying At The Same Exact Time

HOLY SHIT! Now I know we've of course all seen videos like this time and time again especially in a post-Joe Exotic world since pretty much the only 2 things I remember from Tiger King was #1 Carole Baskin killed her husband (obviously goes without saying) and #2 the interviews with Joe Exotic when he's driving around in his truck with a literal fucking TIGER sitting shotgun. That's all that stuck out to me- so after seeing that this shouldn't look so crazy yet every single time in that Tik Tok that that lioness jumped towards that fella I could feel my heart shoot up in fear.

I mean at the end of the day no matter how many times we've seen things like this it is still a wild animal hugging a human! An actual human! And when I say wild animal I don't mean a little monkey or a tiny fox. We are talking lionesses here which in effect would make 'em the QUEENS of the Jungle. It's so damn cool to see. Like in this specific Tik Tok seeing how much the beautiful Sirga the Lioness not only loves this dude, but also can put her mouth that's bigger than this guy's head next to head and simply not open it EVER to just take a chunk out of him is so impressive.

Moral of the story though: These videos will never stop being cute while giving me massive anxiety at the very same time. We need 'em to keep coming.