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Apple TV Dropped An Animated Ted Lasso Christmas Special For Free On Twitter Out Of The Goddamn BLUE

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People may consider Apple an evil mega corporation intent on taking over the world one iDevice at a time. But whoever sprinkled a little extra joy into our lives by giving us a free holiday special of the most merry show on television ensured they are locked in on Santa's Nice List for 2021 no matter what other bullshit they may have pulled this year. I've had a subscription to Apple TV+ since I got my new phone and still have no idea how to use it or what is included with it since they ask for more money for half the movies I try to play. So throwing this special on Twitter for free was about as painless as it could get for an Old like me.

Was it a great Christmas short or even make all that much sense? Hell no. Most Christmas specials, shows, and even movies are lowkey meh at best. But there is something that just feels right about seeing our favorite lads and lasses from across the pond get dolled up in that beautiful Christmas animation during the most wonderful time of year since they aired the Ted Lasso Christmas special in the middle of the summer, which caused my brain to cramp the entire time no matter how delightful it was. Plus it was nice to see someone other than Roy Kent in CGI form for once.

Finally and this goes without saying but (Season 2 Spoiler Alert) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK NATE. I hope next year's Christmas special is just him roasting on an open fire like a bushel of chestnuts.