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Las Vegas Is Building The World's Sweetest Concert Venue That Is A Giant Sphere That Seats 17000 And Has The Highest HD TV Screen Ever

Call me a nerd, but I LOVE a good large scale engineering project. Can't get enough. You want me to be captivated, show me mock stadium designs. Been on this planet for a long time now. I thought I had seen it all and then this giant lava lamp glow in the dark amphitheatre ball started being built in Vegas and I NEED to see a concert here. It sounds incredible. The greatest and biggest HDTV screen ever assembled that curves around the audience to make you feel like you're somehow IN the screen while they send you what looks like personalized laser beams to your seat a song that vibrates like the old rumble pack. MSG Sphere is going to make everyone feel like that scene in Knocked Up

For a city that has the brightest lights, the statue of liberty, the eiffel tower, that giant fountain, and an Egyptian pyramid, somehow a concert snowglobe is going to be the coolest building dominating the skyline from just off the strip. 

AND...if you haven't been to Vegas in a minute, you should get the boys or girls together and come out for the Chiclets Cup. Registration is still open. Escape the winter in the desert during the NHL All-Star weekend and play some hockey with the boys during the day and hit the town at night. I can't wait. Weekend of the year