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Urban Meyer Is OUTTA THERE; Jacksonville Fired Their Coach Less Than One Calendar Year Into His Five-Year Deal

A lot of people are going to laugh at this. Both at Jacksonville as a franchise and Urb as potentially the worst NFL coach ever of all time. There’s going to be chuckling, caterwauling, and knee slapping from coast to coast over this news - especially when the second wave hits in the morning.

But you wont find that here. Not now. Not from me.

I’m sad Urb is gone so soon. We barely knew him. This wasn’t college where he had so much power that he could hide silently behind murderers and arms dealers. This was the big leagues. I know he signed the deal in January but we truly only got to see NFL Urb since August. Which, if you’ll recall, one of his first moves was to sign Tim Tebow to play tight end. The Jaguars tanked for a generational quarterback and immediately opted to sign a guy north of 30 to try a position he had never played. Somehow things didn’t improve from there. He was pussy poppin’ in Columbus. He was kicking his kicker. He was straight up lying about players getting playing time in games that had already happened. Trevor Lawrence genuinely may not recover from just a few short months around this guy. What a legendary run of ineptitude on the largest stage in such a short period of time.

And that’s why I’m sad. It’s like watching a promising young rookie tear his achilles never to play again. We were robbed of who knows what else he was capable of. Credit to Jacksonville for pulling the ripcord before it was way too late, but seeing as I don’t give a single shit about the success of the Jacksonville Jaguars I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from having this rising star ripped from us. #RIPIP Urban Meyer, gone too soon.