The Oklahoma City Thunder And New Orleans Pelicans Had The Most Absurd Ending To A Game Imaginable

Unbelievable pull by Shai. Falling down, fading way off his center balance, clearly trying to bait a cheap foul to keep the game alive, still drained it, tie game, next to no time left on the clock, absolutely absurd unto itself. And then Devonte' Graham rudely decides that this is no longer a Shai Gilgeous-Alexander highlight. Oh, no no no. His shot was merely the penultimate chess move before checkmate is called. The good people of Oklahoma City were so confused, so befuddled, so awestricken by what just unfolded they cheered for his shot, too. This is not a fan base with much of their own to cheer for, so I have no problem with it. Sorta like how Knicks fans were going ballistic for Steph last night. Similar scenario here.