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This Is Your Reminder That Bowl Games In Baseball Stadiums Is A Corny, Cheesy Idea

It's Bowl Season in College Football so that means there are a billon and a half bowl games sponsored by every company under the sun. Now you need a place to play these bowl games and you can't just throw them in college or NFL stadiums because theres not a chance in the world they'll fill out a 80,000 + seat stadium. What's the next step after that? Ballparks of course. Every year we see these bowl games scrunched into MLB stadiums and every year I hate it even more. It looks so cheesy. It's tacky. It's the worst. I think it's a cheap idea, but it's a cash grab for stadiums and teams, I get that. But I'd be SICK if some little bowl game between the 4th team in the MAC and the 5th team in the Mountain West ever met up at Camden Yards for the Old Bay Under Armour Crab Bowl. I was triggered by the Pintstripe Bowl tweets above and I haven't stopped thinking about it and how awful these games look. 

Look how unnatural this looks. No tunnel, no nothing for the teams to run out of. It's a joke. The fields barely fit in these ballparks so everything is thrown off and looks awkward if we're being honest. You've got seats that are sooooo damn far away from the field so you already can't see anything, every single bowl game in a ballpark looks like doodoo. You can tell that Yankee Stadium is not meant to hold football.

How can we forget the legendary Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl in lovely St. Pete a few years back that was played in the Trop? See this fits, a shitty, way under attended bowl game fits the Trop. Half empty stands sitting on the field with 2 teams no one gives a crap about feels right for Tampa. It's like a mix and match puzzle, nothing fits together, everything is out of place, you can literally still see the infield, it looks awful. It's not 1943, ballparks aren't meant to hold football fields, they don't have to share ballparks anymore. We don't have the cookie cutter stadiums anymore that can fit both type of fields. Stop these disgusting games.

And we have to talk about the game played at Wrigley Field, one of the most storied and famous sports venues in the world. Remember when one end zone was so damn close to the outfield wall that they couldn't have the offense going in that direction? It was legit a health hazard. Just look how close those brick walls with padding are to the field of play, definitely safe for these college athletes. I know Wrigley used to host football games but we have to stop. Stop mush pushing these fields onto legendary sites and let them play football games at… stadiums. Places like Wrigley, Fenway and Camden Yards are too much like cathedrals to be disrespected and turned into circus tents with events like this. You want to throw one in Tampa where no one likes that building anyway, go ahead. No one down there cares anyway.

I hate these games, they don't look good and shouldn't be played. Maybe it's me being an old man yelling at the clouds but I'd rather yell at a cloud than see some cheesy bowl game take over my favorite ballpark.