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Neighborhood DESTROYED by Local Feral Hogs!

Load up the helicopter, boys, we're headed to Texas! Local feral hogs are roaming the streets at night to root up local yards and they are inviting all of their friends. Feral hogs are no joke when it comes to the Texas economy, and they do not care how much money you spent on your yard plants this year. Watch this news reporter interview a local man who looked at his security camera and couldn't believe what he saw. 

Don't worry though, your friendly neighborhood hunters are on their way to save the day. We may sacrifice Dave as a decoy, but Chief and I will handle the problem. 

This past summer I was able to see some of the damage these hogs have done to the crops near Bay City, Texas. A sow (female hog) will have approx. 2 litters a year and can give birth to a dozen piglets at a time. They are impossible to exterminate from the United States, so the next best thing is population control. I got the opportunity this past summer to hop in the helicopter with my friend Ryan Ashcraft and hunt these hogs from the sky! Although I was able to get shots off, I didn't even put the slightest dent in this population.