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'World's Hottest Mom' Who Gets Mistaken For Her Daughter's Sister Is Now Going On Double Dates With Said Daughter

First of all, with all due respect to this mother, the 'world's hottest mom' title goes to Blake Lively until further notice. No further questions on that matter, thank you. And yes, you've seen these two before — mother and daughter, separated by over 20 years yet you cannot tell who is who. The woman leading off the blog is 44 year old Joleen Diaz. Below her is her 21 year old daughter Meilani. None of it makes a lick of sense whatsoever. This has been blogged about in the past, except we have a recent development that I'm touching on. These two are going on double dates together! Mother and daughter playing the field as a team... 

A California woman dubbed “the hottest mom in the world” is now going on double dates with her daughter. Age-defying Joleen Diaz, 44, made headlines last year after Instagram fans noticed she bore a striking resemblance to her daughter, Meilani Parks, 21.

Now, the lookalike duo — who are mistaken for sisters — are on dating apps, and regularly join forces on their romantic outings in order to approve each other’s prospective partners. “When we are both seeing people, we will often go bowling, to the movies, hikes, to the beach,” Diaz told Jam Press. (NY Post)

Listen, it's 2021 and we're all for a ton of things. We're trying to be super open as a society, not wanting anyone to feel limited in their desires. That being said, going on continuous double dates with your mom as a 21 year old is bizarro world. You wanna go on one with mom and dad after you've been dating your boyfriend for a while? Sure, go nuts. A first date? I mean what are we doing here? And not just one first date, it seems like these are all of her first dates from dating apps. Nope. The line has been crossed, raise every red flag you've got. Alert the proper authorities this instant. 

I know they're attractive women, but if you're the guy going on a date with the 21 year old you have to start thinking of every excuse in the book the moment you realize what you've gotten yourself into. Down the road you cannot be telling people your first date was a double date with her mom who arguably looks younger than your girlfriend. Can't happen. 

This is about to be the plot of those step daughter-step mom pornos isn't it? 

We'll end the blog with a random assortment of pictures of these two to try and scramble your brain