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The Blackhawks Tribute To Marc-Andre Fleury Was Spectacular

This was perfect. It is hard to get these things right, especially with a guy like Fleury who got 492 of his 500 wins in other cities, but this was a home run. You watch that video and it warms your heart. The big smile, the beautiful family, the charismatic personality, the acrobatic saves. He's everything you could ever want in a goalie and a teammate. It comes through in that video. It reflects what everyone has said about him since he came into the league. Including from his now wife who had a great tribute of her own

I wish he played his entire career here and I pray this isn't his last season in Chicago. If it is...I am glad we got to see him up close. Congrats to Fleury on his career and his beautiful family. Hopefully they can get him 501 tonight