Urban Meyer Reportedly Kicked A Former Jaguars Player And Called Him A Dipshit

This is fucking insane. I also kinda think it's juuuuusttt a little hilarious. As a Marine, I've had hands placed on me by a few bosses. That's fine. It's expected in that kind of work. But, pro ballplayers? I dunno about that one, my friends. If I was Josh Lambo, who was a pro bowl kicker before Urban showed up to town, I might just take that size 7.5 boot and shove that bad boy straight up ole Urban Meyer's candy ass and that's the bottom line. 

Every single day there's another quote or story about Urban's time in Jacksonville that literally makes me drop my jaw. If it's not a story about kicking a kicker, which is insane, it's about actual football. Like this....

Sacrufice what now? Winning? Take a look around, Urbs. We aint won shit. 

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Or like this

or this 

or calling his assistant coaches losers and that's when he doesn't have his index fingers shoved straight up and into someone's private asshole at his own bar in Ohio. 

In summary, I do not think that Urban Meyer should kick his players but I do think it's funny that it was phrased that Urban kicked Lambo with 5 out of 10 strength. Think about it… that's a pretty hard kick. I bet Urban has spent enough time coaching Special Teams that he can really flare his heel and give you the whatfer. If not, just another example of Urban having loser assistant coaches. 

All I can think about when it comes to Urban reading these reports is the I Think You Should Leave voice where Urban would say something like…


In fact, I could see Urban doing this entire scene when he gets back to Ohio on a permanent basis because you simply cannot allow him to come back for year 2.