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Hot Start: A Goalie In Paraguay Got A Red Card BEFORE A Cup Final Match Even Kicked Off

[The Sun] - A GOALIE was red-carded seconds BEFORE a cup final started after VAR caught him making cut-throat gestures towards rival fans. Jean Fernandes was given his marching orders by the ref in Paraguay after 'trolling' supporters behind the goal he was about to defend by crossing his forearms in front of his throat.

The Cerro Porteno shot-stopper had only just reached the goalmouth to prepare himself for the start of the game against Olimpia in Paraguay’s Super Cup final when he was filmed turning to the crowd and making the quick hand movement.

And worse was to come for his side after they lost 3-1 to their arch-rivals. Footage of the extraordinary sequence of events showed Fernandes bending down to leave his rosary inside his left goalpost before standing up and making a gesture the match officials deemed 'provocative' and worthy of expulsion.

Fernandes, who is on loan at Cerro Porteno from Sao Paulo FC, protested the decision on social media by claiming his expulsion was the result of a 'misunderstanding' and he had performed a Brazilian funk music gesture called a ‘vape’ which in his homeland is used by footballers as a celebration.

Local reports say Cerro Porteno is now considering abandoning plans to buy Fernandes, 26, after his surreal sending off

Now wait just a goddamn second here. We're talking about Paraguay here. In what world is soccer this soft in Paraguay? This is a country where I'm pretty sure you can dropkick a fan and it's applauded. Now we're getting goalies sent off before matches start for a throat slash gesture? What is this? The NFL? Soft as shit. 

The craziest part is that he might not get signed because of this. What is he supposed to do? Just stand there and not make a sign back? It's a miscommunication! He even explained it. Not signing a goalie because of a bullshit red card is wild. I know I like to make fun of refs because they are obnoxious but going to VAR before a match starts? This ref should be exiled from the country. 

I honestly think that might be the biggest story here. A ref boots a goalie before a Cup final. Not even just that, he had to use VAR. That should be illegal. That's a federal crime on the soccer field. If you are that big of a pussy of a ref you shouldn't be out there in Paraguay. Go ref some little league bullshit. I keep saying it, because games keep being fucked. Who cares about shit talking? That should be encouraged. 

I'm officially declaring this match under protest since nobody in Paraguay apparently has the brains to do so.