Big Ben is back

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The last few weeks have been miserable as a Steelers fan. However Big Ben is not the problem. I am sick and tired of people blaming this year on him and him alone. It isn't his fault they can't run the ball, and have to revert to throwing the ball 35-40 times again. Thats a big ask for a 39 year old QB. The Steelers have one of the worst offensive lines in football this year. Najee Harris gets no help whatsoever. They are soft. I would rather have frank the tank, big cat, and coach duggs leading the way for Najee. It is clear as day on offense, the line is the problem. Not Ben. Can he move like he used to? No he can't, but he's still fighting every single game making some really good throws and showing flashes of what he used to be. 


Now let's talk about the defense. Injuries have been a problem all year long. Especially on the defensive line. They are pretty much down to practice squad players. It doesn't matter who they play they get dominated and pushed back. Moral of the story here is this: when u rank 28th in the league in rushing yards a game on offensive and 28th in the league in rushing yards on defense it's very hard to win. Stop blaming everything on #7. 

side note: Steelers are getting healthy again on both sides of the ball. Don't be surprised if they make one last push and sneak their way into the playoffs. 

side note #2 : Big Ben is back

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