Norweigen Hockey Player Crosschecks The Shit Out Of His Own Teammate's Face At Practice

It's not...totally unusual to see a fight or two break out at practice. Sometimes when the boys are competing and the intensity is ramped up, the wires get crossed and a quick fight breaks out. A lot of the times something like that could end up being good for the team. It shows that the guys care. It shows that they have that drive to demand nothing short of 100% from each other. You take a look at the 2019 St. Louis Blues. They were fighting each other at practice in December and ended up winning a Stanley Cup together in June. 

But this? This right here?

Gotta be honest, that doesn't seem like a "let's rally the fellas and get back on the winning track" type of practice scrap. That seems wayyyyyyy more like a "this fucker is banging my lady and I just found out about it on my way to practice this morning". My man didn't even realize there was a puck on the ice. Just a total disregard for the play and was locked on putting a CCM Ribcor through his buddy's skull. And I know the video doesn't give us much to go off of here but from the lack of reactions by the rest of the guys on the ice, it seems like this one was probably coming for a while. 

Sure would love to get the full story on this one but I find it hard to believe it would be anything else than what we all imagined anyway. Only other possible scenario would be that he owes him money or something. But even that would be a crosscheck to the ribs at worst. Full blown skull crusher has to be some good ol' fashion cuckery.