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Deion Sanders Flipped the NO. 1 RECRUIT IN THE COUNTRY to Jackson State

Oh my God.

In what has to be the biggest recruiting coup in the history of college football, Deion Sanders has flipped No. 1 overall recruit Travis Hunter from Florida State to Jackson State. And when I say No. 1 overall, I don't mean in a state or at a position or in JUCO. Hunter is the best player in the class of 2022.

Coach Prime called it, too. He said during the taping of the Pro Football Football Show that Jackson State was going to "shock the country" on National Signing Day. He actually undersold it.

I racked my brain when I saw that clip last night as to what he could mean and never did I come up with Hunter, who had been committed to FSU since March 2020. We've seen top recruits have dramatic de-commitments before, but never one from Florida State to Jackson State. This is possibly the biggest recruiting story ever in college football.

What an unbelievable get for JSU. I don't even know how to quantify how big of a deal this is. Deion Sanders flipped not only the No. 1 player in the country, but the best recruit for his alma mater, too. Coach Prime is stealing five stars from FSU while the Seminoles just gave Mike Norvell a contract extension after going 8-13 in his first two seasons.

I'd be willing to bet some of the Power Five schools who just filled coaching vacancies had put in a call to Coach Prime to at least gauge his interest. He seems to be doing just fine in Jackson for now, though.