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STOP THE COUNT! Now Baker Mayfield and Kevin Stefanski Have Tested Positive For Covid

STOP THE COUNT! After 8 players, including basically the entire Offensive Line, Austin Hooper, and Jarvis Landry were added to the Covid list yesterday, now the Browns are without their Head Coach and starting QB. Who knows who else will test positive in the coming days? 

The NFL has to move the game.

That's the only possible take you can have here. Anyone that disagrees with that statement needs to be checked into a hospital and tested to see if their brain works okay. We can't have unreasonable people walking around this planet, and anyone that thinks the Browns should be forced to play football in 3 days without their coach, QB, O-Line, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers is simply irrational. Forget the fact that it's a monumental game that will shape the landscape of the AFC Playoffs, how about we refer back to the age old adage of Safety First? The virus has clearly spiked again and it's running through the league. I propose that the commissioner just postpone the entire week. Move it to the back end and make a statement that player safety is their #1 priority. 

But alas, the NFL has shown once again that they have no heart:

HOW? How hasn't there even been a discussion? The NFL moved the Ravens/Steelers game last year for this very reason, except this is way worse. If Roger Goodell makes the Browns play this week then I will be filing a Class Action Lawsuit in which we sue the NFL for being prejudice against the city of Cleveland and also for being an evil tyrant. 

This is simply unacceptable. If the Browns are even allowed back in the facility before Saturday's game, I think they shouldn't even go. Lock yourselves out and make a statement. You're really going to make us go into that covid infested mess? Or at least make a fashionable entrance. Here's how I want to see Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett walking into the stadium:

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