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Signing Day Power Move: 5-Star Recruit Held An Announcement Just To Say He Hasn't Decided And There Is No Announcement

Am I upset that Kiyaunta Goodwin didn't say he was coming to Kentucky today? Of course. He's awesome and I would enjoy Kentucky adding to their top-15 class. But if he's not going to say it today, this is the way to do it. Have all of media there at your press conference just to announce there is no announcement. That's objectively hilarious. I might start doing this for every day life. Throw a blog together about how I don't have a blog topic on a slow day. Pageviews for days. 

The whole signing day ordeal is outrageous. There's always these ceremonies and people losing their mind one way or another. I'll say this, the older I get the funnier I think it is. Mostly because I enjoy watching dinosaurs in media lose their shit over a kid making his own decision, but do whatever you want. You get to pick a college out of high school once. Have a parade for all I care. Make a mockery of it, preferably if you pick Kentucky. If Goodwin picks Michigan State then I despise this move because that's what being a fan is all about. Can't lose out on a top-20 recruit to Michigan State. 

This feels very Costanza like if George ever had to make a serious decision. No doubt in my mind he'd hold a press conference just to say there is no announcement and hit some buzz words. Again, can't help but respect a power move. But seriously, please pick Kentucky.