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Coppin State Straight Up Forgot To Bring Its Jerseys, Had To Wear Drexel's Practice Jerseys Instead

Welp, chalk this one up as something new in college basketball. Not sure how you straight up forget your own jerseys, but here we are. Pretty sure that's the first thing you pack when going to a game. It goes: 

1. Jerseys

2. Sneakers

3. Gatorade

4. Snacks

That's the order of packing shit for a road game. Never forget this happened to Virginia Tech football. We're talking one of the most known football teams out there! 

Mike Zarrilli. Getty Images.
Mike Zarrilli. Getty Images.

A little different though considering some of the jerseys went missing for Virginia Tech vs just straight up didn't pack them. I'll say this. Maryland can't hire Juan Dixon now. You can't hire the guy who was in charge of the team who didn't bring jerseys. I don't care if he won you a title. I don't care if fans would be all giddy to bring a guy home. Now if they pulled out the win on the road in practice jerseys? Hire him now. 

I just need to know how the call went. Well, first how the equipment manager alerted Dixon. 'Hey man, hope all is well. Yeah, uh, so about the job that I'm supposed to do? Didn't do it! Forgot the jerseys!'