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Tommy Rees Gave An Unreal Behind The Scenes Insight Into The Week Surrounding Brian Kelly's Departure To LSU

Has an offensive coordinator ever been given a statue? I feel like Tommy Rees earned that this week. The line about Notre Dame Football being the Alamo and he wanted to defend it had me ready to run through a brick wall. He reached that conclusion about Notre Dame and what it meant to him before he knew he actually had a job at Notre Dame because Kelly had left. That says something. 

Kelly to LSU had the entire internet ablaze. People were losing their minds. Myself included. I lost my mind to the point that I thought it would be socially acceptable to text Tommy from the phone bank during cyber monday. He didn't answer because of course he didn't...his life was currently in the spin cycle. Notre Dame came out of that spin cycle with a 35 year old HC. A 29 year old OC. And a future that seems brighter than ever. NY6 Bowl Game and a top 5 recruiting class coming. Irish Eyes are smiling everywhere. 

I think this is the best interview we've done in a long time. Worth checking out if you're even a little bit interested in football and the business of big time sports.