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Registration For The Chiclets Cup In Las Vegas NHL All Star Weekend Is Now OPEN

Registration for the Chiclets Cup in Las Vegas is officially open. We couldn't be more excited for this tournament and everything that will come with it. The tournament will take place February 3-4th with check-ins on the 2nd, this is also the same weekend the NHL All Star Game and NFL Pro Bowl are in Las Vegas. So it's safe to say this is going to be insane. We have tons have things planned too, from Biz creating his own team full of former pro's and celebs, to making this the most Vegas event of all time with show girls and all the bells and whistles. We also have an enormous party planned for Thursday night and I think anyone who was at the The Old Shillelagh in Detroit this summer will vouch that this party will be a blast.

There is no doubt this will be the best weekend of the year. Hanging with former and current NHL stars, drinking Pink Whitney, and playing some street hockey in LAS VEGAS during NHL All Star Weekend. What is better than that??