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VIDEO: Dude Uses A Bong To Fight Off Robbers

So just found out this may be an old video but who cares it's a viral masterpiece. The robbers came in with bear spray to the guy grabbing the bong and the other dudes tucking tail.

He just looked those dudes in the eyes and knew they were full of shit. These two dispensary workers sweat off the bear spray and started wailing on some punks.

The funniest little easter egg is the tiny Weiner dog hopping into a safe place because it was scared.

I can imagine this trio - the two stoners, and the puppy - in a Scooby Doo-Shaggy type relationship. The only difference is the puppy can only speak when all three of them are stoned. The puppy going to hide is such a non-dog kind of move. Usually dogs bark at intruders but this puppy was so high it got scared and jumped into the box to hide.