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Steve Marcus And His Awful Hall Of Fame Ballot Should Be Sent To The Moon

It’s every week with these assholes. Every week some new jagaloon is showing why he is the smartest man in baseball, why he should control the destiny of retired players, why he wants his name in lights. These losers prove time and time again it’s time to stop giving a shit what a majority of the baseball writers say and think. For every baseball writer that knows their stuff, guys like Tim Kurkjian…..and well that’s it, there’s 15 people who are the worst people of all time. Todays subject is Steve Marcus.

You may remember Steve Marcus from the time he took the time to vote for ONLY Derek Jeter on his 2020 ballot. His hashtag of #keepthehallsmall” is so fucking funny too. This guy legit thinks that he is the keeper of the hall. So after the Jeter slurp fest he decided to go blank in 2021 and he’s running it back blank in 2022. What a hero he is! So he’s now voted for 1 single player in 3 years.  1 player that Steve Marcus thinks should be enshrined in Cooperstown. If only we all had standards as tough as Steve’s. He doesn’t think anyone on this storied list deserves a plaque in Cooperstown. And that’s 2 years in a row!

This is what discredits the hall, this is what makes it a laughing stock, these guys make themselves the story. Ballots like this should get you kicked out, let alone 2 in a row. What a joke. I get it if you don’t want alleged steroid users in the hall, I get it. But some names on here are clean. Some have never been linked and he still doesn’t think they belong. What a shit show the hall is, it’s a glorified fan vote. Such a clown show.