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The Legend Of John Daly Continues To Grow After He Ordered More Than $400 Worth Of Taco Bell On Uber Eats Following A Night Of Boozing

It's nice to know that even during these uncertain times where nothing makes sense, John Daly is still gripping and ripping it 300 yards directly down the fairway of life. To be honest, I didn't even know you could order more than $100 at Taco Bell since the registers didn't even go to triple digits. If you did hit a hundo, I figure they just give you buckets filled with everything they had in the kitchen, which is like seven different ingredients that somehow make 100 different delicious items, along with a bucket of Baja Blast then call everything even.

Being able to even order more than $400 of Taco Bell is Exhibit A of why food apps are such a beautiful invention. If you place an order like this at Taco Bell, you would probably wrap things up once you started running out of breath or the people behind you in line started getting pissed off. However, being able to pick out everything on your phone from the comfort of your own home without having to stare down that always intimidating Taco Bell menu full of great values as a cashier waits is proof we are truly living in the best time ever (Outside of roughly 99.99999% of the stuff on the news these days). Shout out to John Daly for reminding us once again that things can't be all that bad in a world where the Chalupa exists.

P.S. In college my boy OG, who was a unit, once ordered the left side of the Taco Bell menu. Not like meals 1-5 but the entire left side of the menu. Not sure if it was a flex thing or the left side was that much better than the right. But it was the most impressive feat I heard of during a time of my life where reckless behavior was the norm. Fuck I miss living college life and hate not being able to live whatever life John Daly is living.