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Getting Mistaken For Luke Combs By An Autograph Guy Was A Big Confident Boost Last Week

Anybody that knows me knows I'm a massive pussy when it comes to being caught off-guard. You could catch me off-guard like a motherfucker so easily you'd have no idea. I could be sitting at my desk at work with headphones on and at the tap of a shoulder be more scared than the first time I was forced to watch Freddy Kreuger do his dastardly deeds in the Nightmare on Elm Street. Hell I even get scared navigating the streets of New York like goddamn frogger.That stuff is just not for me so you can only imagine how caught off-guard I was when I was walking in to do a Sundae Conversation at TD Garden to have an autograph hound tap me & ask to sign all his Luke Combs stuff.

Me? Luke Combs?!?! I mean hell, I'll happily take the compliment but outside of both of us being heavy set gentleman me and him sadly do not look much alike. He has a luscious beard whereas I'm lucky to grow half a neckbeard over a month span. He has the CMA Entertainer of the Year award and I have the nerd award (perfect attendance) from my high school. He probably lives at some wonderful joint in Nashville. I live in my mom's basement on Long Island. We are EXTREME polar opposites. So not only was I caught off guard...I was caught off-guard at the hands of being a fat.

But STILL you simply gotta take the compliment. Gotta. I'm kinda sad I didn't sign the autographs!