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Sign The World Is Going To Shit - Some Reality TV Star Allegedly Made $50,000 In A WEEK Selling Her Farts In A Jar

[Sun] - Stephanie Matto built an impressive following on social media after she appeared on the Australian show 90 Day Fiancé but now makes over £37,000 with her whiffy business - which she insists is not for the faint-hearted.

After her disastrous relationship with Erika Owens on the reality show, Stephanie grew her social media audience to 230,000-strong thanks to her raunchy snaps.

With a large audience at her fingertips, Stephanie has smelled success with her latest money-spinning move - selling jars of her farts.

She bottles up her flatulence in a glass mason jar, seals the top shut, and then mails the package out to her supporters for £750 each.

This is it. This is the low point of humanity. I didn't think we'd find it or hit it this early on, but we did. $50,000 selling farts in a jar. I mean, it's hard not to applaud her for making money, I'm just disgusted with people buying it. This is the line I'm drawing. If you are out here paying a grand for a fart, you should be locked up. Actually, you may enjoy those close quarters too much. You should be sent to your own private island. Can't be around civilization if you're walking around smelling a fart out of a jar. 

Look at that diet too. That can't be healthy. Nobody wants to eat that many hard boiled eggs, that many beans or just beans in general. Beans stink. There's a reason hobos in movies were always portrayed carrying about a can of baked beans. They are gross. That said, I do liked hard boiled eggs. Slap some mayo, salt and pepper on them and you got a decent breakfast once every few weeks. But you know what they do? Make your ass stink. 

This is one of those stories where I wish we were back in the 90s. As much as I love the Internet - shit, it gave me a job. As much as I love having everything on the tips of my fingertips, I'll pass it for this. I'd rather not know about someone making 50k selling farts. But if I have to know, you have to know. Rules are rules. I don't care if you are moderately attractive at all to incredibly hot, don't buy farts. 

Chaps didn't have diarrhea for over a decade just to see someone else sell their farts.