JR Smith Finished His First Semester At College With A 4.0 GPA And All He Wants Is A Jordan NIL Deal

Look at JR Smith! Dude went back to college and grabbed a 4.0 GPA. Overachiever, imo. Everyone knows the goal is just to skate by with a 3.0. But JR wanted to prove a point. That he's taking it serious, which is tough not to applaud. He never had the college experience and he's out here playing golf and getting A's. Tough to argue with that. He even talked about how it was his goal. 

Say what you want and I know JR got clowned a lot for some of the shit he did in the NBA, it's cool to see him back in college. It's cool to see him as this ex-NBA player worth millions still trying to get an education. Plus a 4.0 is a 4.0. I don't care who you are. 

 At the same time he's looking for an NIL deal and he might be a genius. 

Genius. Use his name to land an NIL deal and get some free gear. Hard to argue with that. If you have a following, why not? Plus knowing JR and what he's done so far, he'll just help out his teammates. Look good, play good type shit here. Could he just buy them? Probably. But everyone knows free shit just hits different. If he can work out a deal with Jordan, good on him. 

I still can't get over this story. A multi-millionaire who won multiple NBA championships decided to go back to college AND play golf. That's a movie. I'm pretty sure that movie has been pitched over and over again. Throw in the fact that it's JR Smith, one of the most quotable, meme NBA players of this era and it makes it even better. I'm still more in shock the NCAA is letting him do this. They hate fun, they hate good stories. I assumed they would have said he made too much money or something. But instead he's out here with 4.0's and trying to get an NIL deal. The documentary on this one day is going to be awesome.