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Bronny James Is Reportedly Interested in Playing College Basketball at Tennessee

247Sports — Nobody in high school basketball is more closely scrutinized than Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon junior Bronny James. The scrutiny goes up another level each time his father LeBron James shows up to watch. Big crowds show up and most have something to say. Most are there to check out the son of the most famous basketball player on the planet while some, unfortunately, are there to heckle. There was nothing to heckle about on Saturday night as James played as well as he ever has in front of 247Sports.

On the night James finished with 11 points, five rebounds, three steals and a pair of blocks in Sierra Canyon's 65-52 win over Phoenix area based Perry. The numbers aren't crazy, but when you factor in how loaded his team is and how well rounded a performance it was, the night was impressive. 

He's still basically off limits to the media and hasn't put out a school list, but some of the teams that he is believed to have interest in include Duke, Ohio State, Tennessee and Texas among others.

BOOM! Ignore those other schools mentioned and "among others", Bronny James wants to come to Knoxville.

I will do a 180-degree turn on LeBron so fast your head will spin if Bronny puts on a Tennessee Volunteers uniform. LeBron has always been my GOAT and I personally find him to be an incredibly likable man who has always been a positive influence on American society — unless Bronny commits elsewhere.

This isn't even about getting Bronny. He's a fine player and will play in the NBA, but he's currently the No. 38 player in the 2023 class. This is about getting all the players who will want to play with him in 2023, having exclusive LeBron gear for the next 25 years and maybe even getting the LeBron James Athletic Center. Whatever school gets Bronny James is getting the best recruiting tool anyone could ever dream of.

And while it wouldn't be the first school anyone would think of, it's honestly not very far-fetched that James would go to Tennessee. Rick Barnes turned Grant Williams into a player outside the top 200 as a recruit into a first round NBA Draft pick and is now piling up one and done guys — Jalen Springer and Keon Johnson were first rounders last year, Kennedy Chandler almost certainly will be another this year. Tennessee has become a very viable option for players who want to get to the NBA.

Let's do it. I have always been a huge fan of the James family!