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Steelers Players Are Practically Begging For The Offense To Go No-Huddle

Translation: "Hey Canada, get the hell out of the way with the stretch runs on 2nd and 9 after a failed run on 1st down and let's get the offense going early". 

Big Ben is the Twitter punching bag every week, but the last month has clearly shown if this team wants to get on a heater to try to make a push to the playoffs it has to be on the arm of Ben Roethlisberger no matter how hard Matt Canada tries to shove jet sweeps and stretch runs down our throats in the first four offensive series of the game. At some point you just have to accept it. Right? I mean at some point you have to throw the "establish the run" and "get the ground game going early" cliche nonsense out the window. Why does it feel like the Steelers offense is meeting a quota of "plays that aren't going anywhere but we gotta run them because they're football plays" when watching them? Makes no sense. 

We've seen the last month (Bengals game aside because that was over in about the first 10 minutes) that even though Big Ben isn't 35 year old Big Ben anymore, it's still the better option compared to what ya aren't and that's an established offensive line that's ready to dominate in the trenches for Najee. 

*shoulder shrug* Seems like we should be putting the ball in the hands of that guy and letting him go to work. James Washington and Diontae Johnson agree.