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The NBA Finally Makes The Responsible Move And Postpones All Of This Week's Bulls Games

I'm not sharp on how much of a national story this is traditionally but things are up for fucking grabs with the Bulls COVID list right now. It started small and simple not too long ago with Coby. From there it was one name after the next. At present moment there are TEN CHICAGO BULLS

This is where I get confused because they say the NBA is like 90% vaccinated but 90% of my Bulls are out with COVID. I don't point fingers I'm just curious about the data. 

Remarkably, the NBA pulls an A+ move here in helping the Bulls because I'm pretty sure they'd field an 8-man roster that would struggle to break .500 in G League preseason. You could reasonably argue the Bulls would get absolutely fucking steam rolled had they played this week's games. That's just a hunch and I'm sure the boys are soaking up the time off and away. This is a complete 180 from the rock bottom situation they're looking at. Would be a nightmare to drop a number of games in a row then try to piece it together on the fly as guys get back and healthy. 

And honestly I didn't think it was possible but the Chicago government stepped up at a time of need. That's because we all agree the Bulls are much better off resting. Behold the power of living in harmony. This is by the people. For the people.

But I also won't rule out a good old fashioned bribe either. That's the lamb & tunafish of Chicago politics. 

In either event, no Bulls til at least until the weekend. That creates a pretty big gap for us to lick our Bears wounds which I don't hate all. It's okay to feel vulnerable just don't let it get out of control and become a huge pussy in the process. I had a beef for lunch today and it was a powerful step in the right direction. More this week on Red Line Radio

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