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Peloton Drops An A+ Response Ad To The Morons Who Dumped Their Stock Over 'Sex And The City' Death Scene

WSJ - Mr. Big from the “Sex and the City” reboot has come back to life, this time in a new Peloton Interactive Inc. 

The at-home fitness equipment company wants people to know its stationary bicycles can improve physical health, not harm it, as was portrayed in Mr. Big’s recent death from the show after he was exercising on a Peloton bike.

Analysts said Peloton’s visibility in “And Just Like That…” played a role in the company’s shares falling 12% last week.

The stock recently fell in Monday midday trading after earlier rising as much as 6%. 

In the Peloton ad released Sunday, Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth, is seen cozying up next to a fireplace with Allegra, a fictional Peloton instructor in the show played by a real one, Jess King.

Before the ad ends, Mr. Reynolds quickly adds: “He’s alive.” A Peloton spokeswoman said Monday the ad reinforced how cardiovascular exercise can help people lead long, healthy lives.

“Reaction from our members to the video has also been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, our community is already taking to social media to tell real life stories of how Peloton and cardiovascular exercise has helped with their heart health and overall wellbeing,” the spokeswoman said.

Talk about a major upgrade for that Mr. Big guy huh? Or as the kids today call it, a "glow-up." 

Going from that horse face Sarah Jessica Parker to Peloton babe Jess King is a true outhouse to penthouse power move.

By now everybody in the world, or that follows Barstool, is aware of what happened last week. Long story short, HBO asked Peloton's permission to feature their bike in an episode of the new Sex and The City reboot. Without telling them that it was going to be the harbinger of death for one of its beloved characters. 

Mr. Big, as he's known, dies from a heart attack riding the thing. And Americans everywhere, terrified of exercise and physical fitness panicked and dumped Peloton's stock. 

So rather than taking it lying down, Peloton snagged everybody's favorite guy Ryan Reynolds, the (still alive) Mr. Big guy, and one of their hottest instructors, Jess King, and returned volley with this ad. 

That's A+ marketing. 

If you like making money, you've already jumped on the Peloton sale. Full disclosure, I'm a huge Peloton guy. Kind of changed my life. Back before the pandemic, my fiancée insisted on buying the treadmill to make running during the winter in Chicago possible. I protested, saying it'd get used for a month and collect dust, and that it was way way too big for our place. She got it anyway, and repurposed my office/studio into the Peloton room. I said fuck it and gave it a shot and was hooked almost immediately. The classes, instructors, playlists, leaderboard, stat tracking, everything about it is done brilliantly. The interface is amazing and the treadmill was the best I'd ever run on. Then came the pandemic and the potential of being stuck in the house for a long long time, so I scooped up the bike and that took it to another level. I never got the appeal of bike classes until I started riding and quickly got hooked on that too. Now I'm addicted.

We have an awesome cycling "club" a bunch of us at Barstool participate in called "Buns of Anarchy." If you ride, have wanted to in the past, or need the motivation to get one and get in shape, either right now or for your New Years' resolution, join us. 

Fun Fact - Jess King is engaged to that rock star Sophia Urista that pissed on that guys face a few weeks ago on stage.

So can only imagine the stuff that's going on in their bedroom.

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p.s. - Jess King 

p.p.s. - My top 10 Peloton Instructors

1- Kendall Toole

2- Leanne Hainsby

3- Alex Toussaint

4- Adrian Williams

5 - Olivia Amato

6- Jess King

7 - Aditi Shah

8 - Hannah Corbin

9 - Emma Lovewell

10- Becs Gentry