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AWESOME: Actors From 'Hoosiers' Went To Butler's Game And Recreated One Of The Best Sports Movie Scenes For Its 35th Anniversary


I don't care if you're a basketball fan or not, Hoosiers is just one of the classics. An all-time movie, that hits especially close to home for basketball fans. It had the perfect cast with Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper and a bunch of college basketball players. Somehow Jimmy Chitwood is awesome and only has like 4 lines the entire movie. One of those lines is one that, for my money, is the best in the movie. 


I'll make it. 

Chills. Also helps that he bails out Gene Hackman for a TERRIBLE coaching decision. Any coach in America at any level knows to get Jimmy the ball here. Dude was a lights out shooter and had to create for himself. You only go to Jimmy there. But this is about more than that. It's about the entire state title scene at Hinkle. It's one of the best movie scenes in any sports movie. Gets me every time. 

Every high school coach in America has used this scene for inspiration. Make a run in states and get to play on college courts and you get 'it's just like home.' Uh no it's not, but way to trick our dumb brains in high school. My high school gym fit a couple thousand tops. State title game venue holds over 10,000. Slight difference. But sure, 10 feet is the norm. No matter the gym size, 10 feet. That's what coaches love to scream and preach. 

I know people like to shit on Hoosiers for not holding up. I am not one of those people. It's a movie that will always be close to my heart. It's a movie that I'll always leave on if I'm flipping through the channels and see it. I'll even watch the gross Gene Hackman/Barbara Hershey kissing scene. 

Even cooler than having just the actors from Hoosiers there was having real life Jimmy Chitwood, Bobby Plump there. He's the guy who was the star for Milan High School. He's the one who hit the game-winning shot EXACTLY where Jimmy Chitwood did. He went on to play for Butler. Having the mix there to celebrate 35 years is awesome. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and hoops. This is the perfect mix.