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Troy Terry Was Put On This Earth For One Reason Only. To Make A Fools Out Of Hockey Goalies Everywhere

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Do you think that Troy Terry enjoys this? Do you think he takes some twisted pleasure in having his silky silky hands being weaponized in this fashion? Absolutely not. But he had no other option. This is the life he was given. This is the purpose the world chose for him. To make a mockery out of any goaltender who dares to step in his path 1v1. 

John Gillies had to find that out the hard way last night in St. Louis. 

Mama mia! 

Flares out wide, quick little forehand-backhand, sticks it on the elevator and sends it straight to the top floor with no stops along the way. There was never a doubt about it. 

I know the broadcast said that Scott Perunovich made the right call to slow Terry down with that hook and give up the penalty shot. In theory, yes, that makes plenty of sense. When you're dealing with the majority of guys out there, you'd rather give your goalie a chance to settle in and make the stop on the penalty shot. But Scott Perunovich is a good ol' American boy. Jon Gillies is a good ol' American boy. Both of these guys should know pretty dang well by now that you desperately want to avoid giving Troy Terry any more time to think about ways he's going to destroy you on a breakaway. 

Case in point, the 2017 World Juniors semifinals game between USA and Russia. 

You're a wizard, Terry. Quack quack quack, Mr. Ducksworth.