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The 2022 Windy City Smokeout Lineup Is Revealed And I Think It's The Best One Yet

WHOOOAAA baby. That is a star power lineup for the biggest country concert event in Chicago. This event could exist with just the music or just the food. Combining the two makes it one of those weekends that you circle on your calendar every summer. I think this will end up being my favorite show yet. I love old school 90s country music and Tim McGraw embodies that to me. Then...Willie. There's only one Willie. Nobody like him. He is one of the guys that I have wanted to see before it is too late and now we finally get the chance in the perfect setting. I'd love to sit down with Willie and split a bag of 3chi watermelon gummies and then just listen to him play "Hands On The Wheel".

There are three things I need from this lineup. 1) as mentioned above


And 3) The greatest chick music cover of all time

Oh…and I'd like more photoshops of WSD