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This Little Fella That's Obsessed With Komodo Dragons Is My Favorite Person Alive

This is the cutest shit I've ever seen in my life. Throw out the I like turtles kid. Throw out Charlie bit my finger. Throw all of 'em OUT. Komodo dragon kid is my favorite. This video right here is making me want to find a wife, settle down, and have a child solely so I can have a son that would maybe REMOTELY be as cool as this guy describing his unmatched love for komodo dragons. I mean I truly think you could offer that kid $10 million dollars and all his teams to win championships until the end of time or the possibility to get eaten by a komodo dragon and there's no doubt in my mind he would choose the opportunity to get eaten by a komodo dragon in Panega. 

For the record I have no idea what or where Panega is, but it sounds like an AWESOME place if it's where the dragons themselves choose to live at. I've also always been on the komodo dragon train as they're up there with tigers for me as the coolest animal the Earth has to offer. At one point in my life I was actually on record saying I could put up a fight against a komodo dragon. And then I was shown this video..

And I'd like to retract that statement. Those fuckers doing an Oklahoma drill is mortifying. Both me and Komodo dragon kid would stand absolutely no chance. Fingers crossed he gets to go to Panega and give one a hug and absolutely nothing more with those demonic lizards.