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Someone Handed Out the Most Insane Note of All-Time to Everyone in a Los Angeles Movie Theater

Well this is the weirdest thing you'll see today.

Arguably the most insane and out-of-touch couple in Southern California — which is saying a great deal — handed out papers to everyone in a movie theater and asked them to recite some sort of AMC manifesto. For what reason, I couldn't possibly venture a guess.

While it still makes just as little sense, it has been brought to my attention this is the script to a Nicole Kidman ad that runs prior to every movie at an AMC theater. I wouldn't know, because I support Tennessee-based Regal Cinemas — even after they switched to Pepsi, that's how loyal I am to local businesses — which has a roller coaster on a film strip that goes through gigantic candy and popcorn obstacles. Inarguably cooler than this lib nonsense.

So these freak-shows are just so obsessed with that little number that they ask strangers in a theater to stand up and recite it like it's the Pledge of Allegiance? Is this the first time they've pulled this stunt, or are they going to AMCs in the greater Los Angeles area doing this creepy shit on a monthly basis?

This is what you get when you tell a generation of kids they can't bully anybody. Would you rather your kids get teased a little bit in school and grow up to be normal or have this handed to you the next time you go to a movie? That's a very real choice we're now faced with.

Bring back an acceptable level of bullying in schools so I don't have to tell a couple they're abnormal in front of a room full of strangers. Because that's the only response when someone hands you that piece of paper.

I was genuinely shocked to learn nobody did it. It seems like this would be right up the alley of people paying 13% in state income taxes to live in the ash tray of America, but I suppose a little bit of my faith in humanity has been restored.