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Shit Talking An NFL Team By Blasting 'Wheels On The Bus' Is So Petty That We Have No Choice But To Applaud It

Any parent reading this knows one thing and one thing only. This song will be stuck in your head for hours, days even. It's brutal. Every kid under the age of like 4 just wants to hear this shit and hops around meanwhile you want to crack open the hard liquor just to drain the sound. Now imagine doing this to an NFL team simply because of a report that they did a victory lap around the stadium last year. 

It was bad enough the Chiefs flat out humiliated the Raiders yesterday, they just decided to pour a little salt in the wound. Good. It's sports. Sports is supposed to be full of shit talking from players and fans and everyone else. It's what makes it the best thing in the world. Imagine if you didn't hate another team or if you were okay by getting embarrassed. Fuck that. Still can't believe the Raiders thought THIS was a good idea yesterday though: 

There's something that cuts different though about blaring a kids song over the loudspeakers. It's so juvenile that it's almost meaner than playing any other bus related song. Give me more of this though. Give me teams not afraid to have fun and talk shit to other teams at the professional level. Raiders/Chiefs have been a rivalry forever, there should be hatred and shit like this happening. 

Now good luck getting that song out of your head.