Zion Is Completing His Turn Into A Regular Ass Dude By Getting Fat And Reportedly Falling Asleep During Meetings

We're going to look back on the Pelicans/Zion relationship in years and wonder what the hell happened. Every single week there's something new. Pelicans worried about Zion's weight. The Pelicans promising to build around him. Zion wanting out. Zion falling asleep during film sessions. Not sure why that matters honestly. He's not playing. What's he supposed to do? Break down other teams and help the Pelicans out? That's just silly nonsense. It's not like he learned how to do that in college where he was coddled. 

Hey, it's not like this is the first time Zion has reportedly fallen asleep: 

It's almost impressive how the Pelicans keep fucking up. Whether it was Chris Paul or Anthony Davis and now it's Zion. Hell, even the decision to move on from Lonzo Ball for worse players? Bold. Shockingly that didn't work out, like the rest of the shit. It's not even like Zion sucks or was a bum. He's good when he plays! He's better than good. He figured out that point forward/playmaker role perfectly. He just can't stay healthy.

But this is also about Zion's turn into a regular dude. Graduate college, work some company that just pays you for a few years until you can figure shit out, put on some weight and fall asleep during meetings. If you haven't dozed off at least once in a meeting ,you're trying too hard. Everyone does it including your boss. I promise you that after spending 10 years in the cubes. It happens. You're a little hungover or stayed up late watching a night game - that happens - and you just rest those eyes for a second. Only difference between us and Zion is a few million dollars.