Joey Bosa Did The Halo Tea Bag Celly On The Giants Corpse Of A Franchise

Some people will say this game was over when Mike Glennon stepped off the bus as the Giants QB1. Others will say it was when Justin Herbert unleashed this cock rocket for 6 just before halftime. 


However, I will say that it was when Joey Bosa baptized the Giants franchise with his virtual alien balls like a victorious teenager playing some XBox. Yeah there was absolutely no chance Big Blue was going to get back in this thing when it mattered. But getting the tea bag on your head is the 21st century version of the fat lady singing.

Giphy Images.

I'd be embarrassed that my favorite NFL team was getting mushroom stamped by an opponent during an absolute shitkicking. But being the second worst team in the entire league over the last five years has stopped me from feeling shame for this team.

I just had someone tell John Mara what Joey Bosa was doing on this play and this was his reaction:

Mara honestly may have Bosa suspended for life for taunting like that.