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Welcome To A New Era Of College Basketball: Baylor Humiliated Villanova To Remind The World About It

Christ almighty, it looked like Baylor was playing a mid-major if not a D-II team. Like Nova couldn't do shit. Thy couldn't get past any single person on Baylor defensively. It was impressive. It also welcomed a new era of college basketball. Baylor is here. They are the reigning national champs and they are about the be the No. 1 team in the country. Fucking insane what Scott Drew is doing. I already said it for years. Scott Drew had the greatest rebuild in sports history. The man took a program that wasn't allowed to play games, on all sorts of penalties and immediately turned them into a damn good program. Now he has a title and he's about to be No. 1 again. This is the same Baylor team that lost MaCio Teague, Jared Butler, Mark Vital and Davion Mitchell. No big deal, they just go get Kendall Brown and James Akinjo. They keep developing Matthew Mayer, LJ Cryer and Adam Flagler. Guys like JTT and Thamba just know their roles. That all showed today. It wasn't close from the tip. 

We're so used to the big names dominating the sport and rightfully so. But this year it's Baylor (again), Purdue, etc. Times are changing. Baylor is a true new blood. It's why we need some sort of classic with like them, Nova, Virginia and Gonzaga. This wasn't like when Nova got smoked by Oklahoma in 2015. This wasn't Ethan Wragge hitting 9 threes against them in 2014. This was Baylor just refusing to let Nova do anything offensively and putting on a defensive clinic. 

Sidenote, kind of rude to keep making Dick Vitale cry on TV: