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Washington Loses Dumbest Game Ever


Just an absolutely asinine game start to finish. I'm not going to hoot and holler about the above fumble call- do I personally think that's a fumble when his arm is going forward? No, not really. If I had to weigh how much incomplete it was to how much of a fumble it was, I'd go 65/35. I think it should have been called incomplete on the field and nobody would have batted an eye. I mean you can clear as day see his arm motion there. I don't know. That's the NFL, game of millimeters and milliseconds. I think it's a shitty call, but not why we lost the game.

We lost the game because the offense was terrible, Heinicke took a beating, Micah Parsons is an absolute beast of a football player, and a fuck-ton of penalties at the wrong times. The first half was about as bad of a half a team can play. The defense played fine, all things considered. But the offense was a dumptruck.



Later, Terry McLaurin came down hard on an underthrown pass, leaving the game with a concussion because fuck Dan Snyder forever. Heinicke also left the game, but not before finding...a pair of scissors on the field?



Dallas didn't play great. We just played worse. And it was still somehow, someway a 1 possession game with 4 minutes left to go, ball in Kyle Allen's hand. 

Watching today's game was like getting a tooth pulled. It was wildly unenjoyable for 55 minutes. Then there was 5 minutes of "oh, maybe this will have sweet relief" and then the dentist punched you in the face 17 more times. 

Another Sunday in Washington ends with doom and gloom. Everyone is hurt, Dak gets another W over us, and now we have to anti-sweat Philly. Never gets easier. Fuck Dan Snyder forever. Go Caps.