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Vanguard Guns Take FOREVER To Rank Up In Warzone - Use These Tips To Rank Up Guns Faster

MRags Training Camp is back - this series is dedicated to help you guys become better Warzone players and learn some tips and tricks to help you win some more games. First, we gotta get our loadout guns to max level. Use the tips above to help hasten the process and get you the meta loadout.

Vanguard guns take ABSURDLY long to rank up. I was trying to grind yesterday and rank up my Bren LMG - I managed to get virtually nowhere. 

2-3 hours to ONLY rank up a gun 16 levels is insane. Especially because the low levels are the lowest XP levels so they should take the fastest. This would mean that one gun takes roughly 8-10 hours to get to max level. That's WAY too long - the gun grind isn't fun and you'll constantly lose gunfights to players with fully maxed out guns.

I'm really hoping that something changes soon or we get a ton of 2WXP weekends to help with the grind. For the casual gamer, I can really see a turnoff for Warzone because of how much time it requires just to rank up loadout weapons. Couple this with the fact that once you finally rank up a weapon, I'm sure it'll get nerfed and then rinse, repeat all over again.

That's why games like Halo have such an attraction to the casual gamer. You can just fire up the game and play - no need to rank up weapons or understand a constantly changing meta. On the other hand, an evolving game is great for gamers like myself because it keeps the game fresh and new. So the always evolving game is a double-edged sword.

Also, managed to meet a gaming legend this past week…