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Reports That Ryan Day's Agent And Former Bear, Trace Armstrong, Has Had Talks With The Bears About A Front Office Job And Head Coach Package Deal

Hmm...Ryan Day to the Bears? Let's take the temperature of the fan base about this potential hire

And...the NOs have it. 

Jason La Canfora is a known as one of those insiders who gets left on the outside a lot. No idea how good he is with the Bears, but that is his reputation, fair or not. 

One thing to get excited about...the Bears are at least considering a head of football operations position that hasn't been in the organization before. Fresh eyes to say "yeah, Ted, you just worry about killing the horse track in Arlington, I will handle the GM and coaching search". That is encouraging on its own. 

Trace Armstrong has been a busy man this holiday season. He is Ryan Day's agent, as reported. He is also the agent for Brian Kelly, Lincoln Riley, James Franklin, Matt Rhule, and Josh McDaniels. He also reps Matt Nagy and a few Bears assistants. It would be incredible if Armstrong got hired and his first order of business was to fire his former client. 

Another guy Armstrong represents...Dwayne Joseph. Joseph is the current director of pro scouting for the LV Raiders and worked for the Bears from 1998-2003 and then again from 2012-15. Could he be the GM? I like the idea of a football power structure with people who worked here so they know the disfunction, but were smart enough to land on their feet and get out while the getting was good and learn in other more successful franchises. 

UPDATE: Trace Armstrong says NOT TRUE

Maybe it's not true. Maybe that is posturing. We've seen many times that coaches and agents use double talk before making a move. Armstrong says he hasn't talked to them about a role for himself. I guess we have to believe him

I am DEFINITELY not sold on Ryan Day, Trace Armstrong, or really anyone at this point, but it is just so refreshing that the Bears are reportedly looking into changing the way they do business. The organization hasn't gotten anything right in like 30+ years now so change and reflection is required. Ted Phillips could be done making any decisions regarding football. So could Pace and Nagy. If it is Armstrong, great. If it is someone else in that position, well, that is likely a step in the right direction too.