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Consider This A Warning: If You Even Dare Think About Dunking On Delly, You Will Get Truck Sticked To The Depths Of Hell

First things first. What a damn picture: 

Went right at Delly and paid the ultimate price. A truck stick that would make a Derrick Henry stiff arm proud. Just sending the dude directly through the floor all because he dunked on Delly. That's what happens down in the NBL. The man is a god in Australia and should be considered as such. This is about the teammate though. This is the guy you want in the foxhole with you because he knows what his role is. Oh your star gets dunked on and that'll go viral? Not if I just throw my shoulder into this fella and that's what everyone will talk about. Big brain type shit there. 

Sneaky my favorite part is when he lays the guy out he just goes and gets the basketball. Get off the tracks when the train is coming through. CHOO CHOO. Again, this is Australia, laying someone out probably is the norm down there. He didn't think anything of it and decided it was time to just keep playing basketball. 

The announcers are perfect too. Can we get these guys over here for a couple games? Talking about wearing a poster and 'we got silly stuff!' Love the call. They nailed it. Sometimes during a skirmish like this it's as much about the announcers as anything else. You really gotta sell it. You gotta mix it up a little. 

This will be the last time someone dares dunks on Delly.