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Microsoft Is Selling A Poster Of The Red Ring Of Death For A Cool $25

The Verge- Microsoft is now selling its own Xbox Red Ring of Death poster to commemorate the release of the Power On: The Story of Xbox docuseries. The six-part documentary is a warts and all look at 20 years of Xbox highs and lows, including the infamous red ring of death. The Xbox 360’s red ring of death was represented by three out of the four LEDs on an Xbox 360 turning red, a problem that affected a lot of initial consoles as failure rates were incredibly high. It indicated a hardware failure, and it meant Xbox 360 owners had to send their console in for repair.

In chapter five of Power On, former Xbox chief Peter Moore reflects on the mistake that cost Microsoft more than $1 billion to fix. “By the time we looked at the cost of repairs, the loss sales that we factored in, we had a $1.15 billion problem,” says Moore.

Shout out to the good people at Microsoft for embracing capitalism with open arms and charging $25 for a picture of something that ruined countless people's lives while also costing Microsoft more than a billy. Adam Smith must be so proud seeing this all go down.

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No, not my blockhead coworker that is the father of a virtual video game army. I'm talking about the father of capitalism.

The only thing more impressive than that sly smirk is that fit. I've never felt more secure in our economy (via Wiki)

That being said, you gotta be one sick puppy to buy this poster just like Microsoft is an eviler than usual coporation for selling this poster since it would be the same as my beloved Mets selling a poster of Adam Wainwright's curveball buckling Carlos Beltran's knees for strike 3 in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. 

Be right back, I have to take care of something…

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I'm not in this poster's target market since I've been a Playstation guy since Day 1 because the original XBox controller was too big for my average sized hands (Please don't make hand size jokes as I am very sensitive) and the red ring of death scared me away from even thinking of getting a 360. People that had the red ring of death would probably rather feel death's cold embrace than stare at a poster of a video game genocide every day of their life. 

I suppose there is a very niche but very real market of people that have to buy their friend a White Elephant gift for Christmas and the thought of watching your buddy unwrap a present only to have the ghost of gaming come back from the dead to haunt his ass. However, if you pull a move like this, don't let them open their present near any open windows because this could definitely happen.

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However if you do give someone that live through that nightmare this poster, please make sure to tape their reaction because I would love to laugh at it comfortably from atop my Sony constructed ivory tower where the only bad memories I have are from video game bad beats and missing out on the Halo revolution since using the XBox controller is like reading Chinese to me.

Also if someone makes an NFT of this poster and it sells for a billion dollars since it's some sort of foo foo artwork showing the disconnect between mankind and technology I will lose my fucking mind while also saying I need to figure out NFTs for the 1000th time this year.