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We Now Have The Majestic, Unbelievable Full Clip Of America's Big Man Connor Williams And The Ultimate Redemption Story

I know I blogged about the big man that stole America's heart here on a Saturday: 

But I needed to make sure everyone saw this play in its own blog. It's too good. It's too majestic. Look at the big man FLY down the court like a gazelle to get ready for the play. Gets ready for the screen where it's ultimate disaster. Big man goes down and that ankle turns. You can tell he's ready to pack it in for the night. Why finish this blowout when you got a bad wheel? Except the magic happens. Dude limps out to the 3pt line, gets the ball and immediately drops a dime. That's not even exaggeration, little pump fake to help set up the backdoor cut and bam. Perfect. 

Best part? Clearly doing it all ass out. We see it, we can't ignore it. That man went ass out to drop a perfect pass right into our hearts. Once again, shout out Connor Williams. Guy played 4 minutes, put up 0 stats except 2 assists. He's the biggest story on Twitter right now, literally. What a play.