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Introducing Connor Williams - The College Hoops Big Man Who Just Stole America's Heart On A Saturday Afternoon

Here I am minding my own business watching some basketball when my buddy who went to Buffalo sent me this. Simply outrageous, mostly because we're talking about a Division III school that plays the likes of Elmira, Utica, Hartwick, etc. They just happen to be playing Buffalo today and this is what we get. Somehow it gets better though. He's listed at 7'0" 360 pounds. Feel like we're underselling both weight and height here to be honest. 

Oh, right, yeah, he's also a FRESHMAN. Big man needs the rock. 

Look at the big man's style! I love everything about this dude. I love even more that Saint John Fischer is out here running this sort of defense too.

Good luck getting around those behemoths. They should just be setting screens and catch the entire team open. All I know is one tweet and everyone is locked into this game now. Gotta see how the big guy gets up and down the floor. What a beautiful sport that this guy plays the same sport as this dude: 

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Same position even. Welcome to America's heart, Connor Williams.