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The Images And Videos Of The Tornado That Ripped Through Kentucky Are Truly Horrific

There's nothing funny in this blog. Just a simple blog to bring awareness to the horrific tornado that ripped Western Kentucky apart. That video of Mayfield is going to sit with me for a long time. I know I'm not 'from' Kentucky, but Kentucky is a place I called home. It's a place I fell in love spending my college years there. Seeing people suffer this sort of damage and tragedy there just hit me a little different than normal. Whenever tragedies like these hit it obviously puts life in perspective. A cruel reminder of how fast things can change. How petty most of our everyday problems truly are. How you should never take a day for granted because all it takes is one tornado to destroy everything you know. 

I haven't seen any sort of disaster relief fund yet, but the moment I do I'll make sure to RT it and get some awareness out there. Just a horrific tragedy and some truly sad and scary images. We say it all the time during tragedies and it shouldn't just be during this sort of time. Be kind to each other. Remember how petty some bullshit truly is and live your life. 

We Love You, Kentucky