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*BREAKING* Rico Bosco WILL Be In the RnR 16 Arena Tonight And Jeff Nadu Now Gets A Lifetime Contract If He Beats Jersey Jerry

Some things... Some things are not only bigger than sports, but sometimes bigger than life itself. This surprise addition to the RnR 16 experience tonight is just that, appearing completely out of the clouds. I think only about 3-5 people at the company even knew it was happening. 

But it's true, it's true, IT'S DAMN TRUE. Rico Bosco will be walking out as part of the Jersey Jerry Army, and most importantly WILL be in the same building as Jeff Nadu starting at 8 pm...

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I give all the credit in the world to Rico for being such a true man of honor and helping support a fellow coworker in such an amazing way, especially with everything on the line for both of them in this matchup. And it looks like Dave Portnoy just made the main event stakes a little bit higher too…

Now it's not just about RESPECT, it's about EVERYTHING. A years long genuine feud has now been mixed into the absurdity & chaos of the greatest hillbilly circus there is. ONLY IN AMERICA! ONLY AT BARSTOOL SPORTS!!!

I don't know what's gonna happen tonight but I do know that it is officially a MUST WATCH event. And I do wanna put my hand up here and take the blame for any perceived Skell like behavior…

Rico didn't push for the PJ ride back at all, that was my call booking him on it and I thought it was the least I could do for someone who flew down commercial without anyone in the company knowing, with the pure motivation to make this PPV experience the best it could possibly be. Did I anticipate Jeff Nadu's friend hearing Rico's voice in the hotel hallway and blowing the biggest surprise of 2021 by 3 pm today? Certainly not. But in my book Rico still deserves that PJ seat. 

Now far be it from me to tell The Tastemaker what to do… But if Dave wants to give Nadu some added motivation with the lifetime contract offer, why not offer the other side something like that too? Like if Jersey Jerry beats Jeff Nadu, Rico Bosco gets to fly back to NYC on that private jet. Not sure that's even comparable to a lifetime contract but it's a start. It's what. Ryder would do. 

All I know is, the energy in the Charleston Coliseum was already going to be at maximum levels. I think the RnR 16 Weigh-In showed that in spades. But now? This is gonna be some Old Testament shit. Vicious violence, unquestioned hate, absolute madness. Rough N' Rowdy 16 is gonna be fucking incredible. TONIGHT WE RYDE WITH THE JERSEY JERRY ARMY!!!