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After Years Of Being Skewered By Jon Stewart, Arby's Says Goodbye

HuffPo - Arby’s: It’s like your stomach got punched in the balls. 

Arby’s: Because your hunger is stronger than your memory. 

Arby’s: It’s the Sean Hannity of fast food.

These are just a few (paraphrased) digs outgoing “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart has taken at fast food chain Arby’s over the years. There are many, many more, and the company compiled some of the better ones to make an ad that doubled as a tribute to the satirist. Critics have sometimes wondered if Stewart’s obsession with Arby’s isn’t part of some clever marketing campaign. No such relationship has been disclosed, although it appears the negative attention has been good for Arby’s business. 


Well tonight is the night. Jon Stewart’s final show before he starts spending more time with his family and realizes that he really needs to get back to work. I’ll give it 3 months before Stewart is filming a movie or planning a comedy tour of some sort. You can’t just work your ass off for 2 decades and then just sit around listening to your wife nag about getting new curtains. He’ll vacation, he’ll grow a beard, and then he’ll get back to doing something.

Last night Louis CK was his final guest, and tonight is his final episode. Love him or hate him, he’s uber-talented at what he does and one of the best to ever do it.